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Positivity Really Helps

I’m writing this post to send my positivity vibe to everyone who’s reading this. The start of the week is (Read: Monday) is a chore itself. Especially after a long weekend like the one that we all just had. Every time I wake up on a Monday, I would always plan ahead the things I want to achieve for the next 7 days and truly believe that I will achieve all of them. And guess what, it always works! When I said ‘believe’ I really meant believe in them. Imagine yourself in that position where you’ve completed that goal. How would you feel? Where are you when you’ve accomplished it? What are you wearing? Who are you with?

I learned those things from the best selling ‘The Secret’ book that everyone read a few years back. The concept is simple, if you wish for something to happen and strongly believe that it will, you will send some sort of signal to the universe and the universe will support your idea. And you can’t wish for something that has ‘not’ or any other negative connotations in it like ‘I don’t wanna skip breakfast ever again.’ Instead of saying that, say it the other way around; ‘I wanna have breakfast everyday before starting my day.’ That’s how it works basically.

Well what do I want to achieve this week? Do my best for my part time job, to always come on time for anything, record the song that I’ve been dying to record, nail my interview in Jakarta, complete the song that I’ve just written for that one special person, finish the ‘Happy’ track, film the ‘Happy’ music video, have a great jamming session with my band for our upcoming gig, and to always be grateful for what I have now. Because being grateful always helps when you’re not feeling your best.

Have a great week ahead! ;)

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